Sunshine Acres

Sunshine Acres

Sunshine Acres is a simulation game developed by Shockwave
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Sunshine Acres is a simulation game developed by Shockwave and published by Alawar Entertainment.
Maybe you are like me, tired of living in the city. If so, I propose that you play this game, and go for a while to the quiet countryside.
As you can imagine you are going to run a farm in this game. You will have to care about the basic needs such as water, soil and other things like that.
The objective of this game, is to try and get all of the plants needs fully met before harvesting. You will find more than twenty levels. Each level takes usually around four to six minutes, but within that short period of time you’ll get to grow, harvest and sell your crops, to restock, upgrade and expand your farm.

You will start growing sunflowers, because they are the cheapest, then, If you collect more money, you will be able to choose another kind of crop. Once a plant is fully grown, it will be automatically harvested for you. Click on the final product to move it to the loading dock. You must do this quickly, or else the product will blink and then disappear.
You will find that in the highest levels you will have more tasks to do.
Regarding technical sections, graphics and scenarios are excellent and well built. The sound effects and the soundtrack are nice.

In conclusion, it is a very nice game I hope you'll enjoy it as I did.

María Noel Balla
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